What to Include and What Not to Include in Board Meeting Minutes

Whether your board is using a board portal or paper for your meeting minutes, taking detailed and precise notes is essential to keep the organization updated. To do that it is essential to be aware of what you should include – as well as what not to include.

If you wish to record how members voted, then the minutes should be limited to the votes cast in support or against a decision, not the names of the individuals who proposed the motion, and https://boardroombox.com/the-real-time-value-of-the-leading-edge-secure-data-room-applications-software-suite-solutions/ who voted on it. This protects the board from legal challenges down the line. This rule is not applicable to votes on executive pay or financial transactions involving board members. In these instances names and justifications of the people who vote should be recorded.

Another crucial element to include in the minutes of your board meeting is any information that may help clarify the board’s decisions. This could include comments from your organization’s attorney or chairman however, their opinions or conclusions should be clearly expressed. It is also beneficial to include any presentations or reports that were made at the meeting. This allows your board to be aware of any relevant news from different committees and provides insights for the whole team.

Keep in mind that the minutes from board meetings are an account of the board’s decision-making processes. They should be impartial and unbiased. You should avoid recording personal opinions, disagreements, disagreements, political discussions or even idle chat. Instead, focus on recording facts and crucial decisions, while maintaining a neutral tone even when there is tension in the room.