The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

Remote work is on the rise and organizations need to do more to improve collaboration and teamwork. The most effective video calls and software for communication aren’t able to match the intimacy of face-to-face meetings.

Virtual spaces that are immersive are extremely useful in this kind of scenario. These virtual environments aren’t just meeting tools; they offer teams the opportunity to communicate and collaborate in an interactive 3D environment. This is particularly useful for sprint retrospectives or other meetings that require close cooperation.

Different types of virtual environments impact productivity, creativity and teamwork in a variety of ways, just as real-world spaces do. It is crucial to select the best virtual environment.

Here are some of the top virtual workspaces to collaborate.

A virtual office that offers an actual workspace for meetings and an option for customization is a fantastic option for hybrid or remote teams. The Glue platform offers a variety of settings, from outdoor to formal spaces that are perfect for presentations and meetings. Clarity Island, for example is a relaxing beach-side location that is ideal for creative workshops and activities aimed at team-building. Mont Matiz, on the other side, is a tranquil hilltop setting that is ideal for discussions and meetings.

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