The Benefits of a Board Portal Solution

A board portal software solution gives directors more time to make strategic decisions and less time spent on meeting administration and logistics. To make this a reality it is essential that your board management software offers an extensive set of features to let administrators streamline their daily tasks of managing meetings and allow directors to focus on strategic issues rather than mundane logistical concerns.

The ability to build and edit a meeting book in real-time, across multiple devices and platforms, means that directors can review meeting material and prepare for meetings in their own way. Gen 3 board portals are designed to work with all platforms and devices, including iPhones and iPads as well as laptops.

This type of unified access makes it easy for directors to access documents even if they’re in a different location or on vacation. A good company will offer a variety of support options, such as FAQs and how-to videos, remote training, and one contact point.

The most effective board portals combine all the functions a director could require to complete his or her job well, including document management, voting, communications and reporting. This means there’s no requirement to manage a myriad of different tools or platforms that could increase the complexity of operations and cost. In addition, boards portals are designed to run on the devices that directors use whether it’s an iPhone or laptop – which eases the learning curve and gives a smoother, more engaging user experience.