How to Get the Most Out of Software Reviews

Software review sites are an excellent source of first-hand user reviews. However there are many sites that are becoming similar and provide little unique information. Website owners need to create unique content, and add their own spin to the process, so that they stand out. They can include in-lab evaluations of new software and buying guides that review the market and highlight the most important features that buyers should search out as well as a different approach to searching, decision tool questionnaires or the unique format of a comparison chart.

Software reviews are an essential part of the software development process. In addition to identifying and resolving bugs and logic problems, they ensure that the finished product meets the specifications. A thorough software review requires a team of experts to collaborate. This can be accomplished through formal reviews or informal ones such as walkthroughs and over the shoulder reviews.

Formal reviews are usually performed by a larger number of people, and follow the same agenda. Informal reviews can be flexible, and can be conducted as needed throughout the development cycle. In both cases review tools can be used to help save time and ease discussion by displaying the changes made between versions of the code.

It’s important to ensure that software reviews are as clear and helpful as possible. If a developer doesn’t describe a change clearly, future developers could be confused. A great way to prevent this is by using software that makes it easy to flag code that needs clarification.