How to Create Cybersecurity Board Reports With UpGuard

It is crucial to present your results in a way that is both easy to comprehend and informative when creating a cyber-security report for your pentest or vulnerability assessment. The report must be well-written clear, concisely organized, and visually appealing, regardless of whether you are preparing it for an executive board meeting or a review of management, or an internal audience. This cheat sheet provides tips on how to craft a report that is both instructive and clear.

CISOs are charged with communicating security vulnerabilities and threats to those with varying levels of technical knowledge however, understanding the full scope of your findings isn’t enough to be able to communicate effectively. Your client isn’t paying you to show off your l33tness, but rather to educate them about the issues you’ve identified and how it can be remediated or prevented from happening in the future.

Create a cybersecurity document that focuses on the areas that are most important to your target audience. Using the Docs feature of ClickUp determine the trends and metrics that are most pertinent to your audience, then create a concise executive summary.

A high-quality cybersecurity report will provide your company with the confidence to mitigate risks in a proactive way and ensure success. But it isn’t just about identifying risks, but illustrating how these efforts are progressing over time to show the long-term benefits of your program. UpGuard allows you to create an executive board report that meets the most important reporting requirements of your executive leadership team in only one click. You can also export it as editable PowerPoint slides, which can save even more time and stress. Learn more about how to effectively design and present your cybersecurity board report today.