How to Conduct Successful Remote Meetings

Meetings are a vital aspect of remote work. It can be challenging to keep everyone engaged when working remotely. When conducted well, they can help improve team communication and ensure all participants are on the same page. To ensure a successful remote meeting here are a few best practices to follow.

The meeting should begin by addressing any technical issues, such as setting up the right software, using top hardware and sharing your screen. This will establish the tone for the rest of the meeting and assure that everyone is prepared to participate.

Limit the number of attendees per meeting and only invite participants who are relevant to the discussion. Too many people can be distracting and can make it difficult to keep the conversation focused. Additionally, inviting more participants than you need to attend an online meeting could consume your employees’ time as well as reduce their engagement and participation in future meetings.

Focus on finding solutions during the meeting and not just focusing on discussing issues. You can accomplish this by setting the goal for the meeting and assigning a notetaker, and paying attention to every agenda item. When the meeting is finished and the main outcomes are shared, you can share them in writing with all participants.

Don’t forget to gather feedback from your remote meetings. This will help you discover what works and what isn’t working. It’s also a great strategy to increase trust among your team members and emphasize the importance of remote meetings. You can do this by sending an individualized poll via Slido or with a survey app.