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Computer technologies news articles feature breakthrough research in areas like Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Graphene, Green Tech, Battery Tech and many more. Learn about the latest advances in computer technology from MIT, Cal Tech, Yale, and other leading institutions.

Self-Correcting Quantum Computers closer to Reality

Quantum computers could reach speeds and efficiency higher than even the most powerful supercomputers. However it hasn’t seen much scale-up and commercialization due to its difficulties with error correction. Scientists have created a method that could solve this issue.

In a rapidly evolving digital world and with the advent of technology, lag is a major problem. For gamers who are fighting foes in a virtual arena or a colleague working across the globe, lag-induced interruptions can be very frustrating. But researchers from MIT and Stanford have developed a new method to reduce lag and increase productivity.

AI Finds Hidden Patterns in Nature

Researchers are utilizing data from thousands of bird sightings in order to uncover hidden patterns in ecological communities. This research could be the first step to creating an artificial intelligence that can identify the risk of habitat loss as well as other environmental issues. The technology will also allow scientists to better understand the role of diversity of species in sustaining ecosystems. This is an essential part of the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. The findings could lead to the creation of more sustainable land-use methods that reduce the need for agriculture and logs.