Robaxin vs Flexeril: Compare and Contrast Side Effects & Uses

Robaxin vs Flexeril: Compare and Contrast Side Effects & Uses

While comparing Methocarbamol vs Soma, it is important to note their collective similarity, which is the ability to relieve spasms and pain, as they both come from the same drug class. Additionally, both of these medications are available in different strengths and generic types. While all the medicines are effective, one specific muscle relaxant might work better than others for you. Methocarbamol and cyclobenzaprine are not recommended in elderly adults. Both medications are on the BEERS list, a recognized list of medications prepared by the American Geriatrics Society.

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Therefore, by inhibiting these contractions through disruption of nerve signalling via Robaxin use can limit negative effects of muscle spasms and help patients manage their condition and reduce discomfort. Addiction Resource is an educational platform for sharing and disseminating information about addiction and substance abuse recovery centers. Addiction Resource is not a healthcare provider, nor does it claim to offer sound medical advice to anyone.

Dosage and frequency of injection should be based on the severity of the condition being treated and therapeutic response noted. In case of overdose, call a Poison Control Centre or get medical help right away. If you have exceeded your daily dose of acetaminophen, contact your doctor immediately, even if you do not feel worse. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing schedule. Pills are everywhere and kids can get them easier than we can, we might even find that instead of generation X our kids will be labeled generation script. Besides did our parents pretending like sex was not a reality for anyone unmarried, so they didn’t need to talk to us about it, help anyone?

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Although all skeletal muscle relaxants should be used with caution in older patients, diazepam especially should be avoided in older patients or in patients with significant cognitive or hepatic impairment. Although in Methocarbamol vs Baclofen comparison, both of these medications are under the same drug class called muscle relaxants, these two offer different indications. For those considering the better option between Robaxin vs Baclofen, the former is used mainly for spasticity, as a regimen for individuals suffering from a spinal injury. Also, while Robaxin side effects are mainly sedation and fetal risk, that of Baclofen is quite extensive. Flexeril is a brand name for cyclobenzaprine, a commonly prescribed muscle relaxant for muscle pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. Cyclobenzaprine is available in immediate-release and extended-release forms.

To talk with a doctor and see if a muscle relaxant is a good solution for you, get in touch with QuickMD today. Conditions treated by Robaxin and Flexeril are almost the same, such as muscle spasms, pain, injury. Robaxin can also be used to treat tetanus, whereas Flexeril can be used off-label for fibromyalgia, a condition that causes intense fatigue, disturbed sleep and pain.

This section will explore statistical information on the usage, effectiveness, and safety of Methocarbamol and Cyclobenzaprine. By examining relevant data and statistics, we can gain insights into the prevalence of their use, clinical outcomes, adverse reactions, and other essential factors. These statistics provide a valuable perspective on these muscle relaxant medications’ real-world impact and characteristics.

Concomitant mixtures, whether intentionally or unintentionally, can be fatal. It is imperative to discuss with a physician the health conditions faced, and the current medication in order to get safe recommendations. Also, methocarbamol and cyclobenzaprine are not recommended in pregnant women, elderly adults, and young children. Methocarbamol can be used for long or short-term treatment as advised by a doctor.


The dose should not exceed three grams daily and should not be used for more than three consecutive days. Methocarbamol is less sedating and can be used in persons who do not tolerate cyclobenzaprine. However, evidence for its effectiveness in managing fibromyalgia symptoms is limited. When satisfactory relief of symptoms is achieved, it can usually be maintained with tablets.

Certain medications are better than others for managing spine pain – Harvard Health

Certain medications are better than others for managing spine pain.

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In this study, none of the metrics used to measure efficacy differed significantly between patients receiving methocarbamol and those taking cyclobenzaprine. For patients who are wondering, which is better between Methocarbamol vs Cyclobenzaprine, there is no proof yet that any particular muscle relaxant is much more effective than the other. flexeril and ambien together Rather, there are few preferences due to a patient’s other health conditions. Eventually, this medication will benefit them more since it causes somnolence compared to Robaxin. Additionally, Cyclobenzaprine may cause more severe adverse reactions such as dehydration, serotonin syndrome, overactive thyroid gland, and possible stroke.

Muscle Relaxers: Methocarbamol vs. Cyclobenzaprine

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses support using skeletal muscle relaxants for short-term relief of acute low back pain when nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or acetaminophen are not effective or tolerated. Comparison studies have not shown one skeletal muscle relaxant to be superior to another. Cyclobenzaprine is the most heavily studied and has been shown to be effective for various musculoskeletal conditions. The sedative properties of tizanidine and cyclobenzaprine may benefit patients with insomnia caused by severe muscle spasms. Methocarbamol and metaxalone are less sedating, although effectiveness evidence is limited.