Traveling Through aquarium in bournemouth The Dark Analysis

Rigor mortis is setting in, the doe has been a good while on the ground and there is nothing to do but drag her off. This is a poem with a major theme – that of Nature versus technology, modern life against the wilderness. It encourages the reader to think about their own position in the great scheme of things. The poet uses numerous examples of imagery throughout this poem. It is best seen through his depictions of the light around the car and the lack of warmth coming from the deer.

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  • The narrator mentioned that the road was narrow and fatal accidents have already happened along that road ‘to swerve might make more dead’ so it was usually best to roll the deers into the canyon.
  • Living in a modern world people often have to face with several moral and ethical dilemmas that disclose their readiness to act.
  • The speaker continues to describe the scene, using imagery in order to help the reader better understand what they experienced in these moments.
  • ‘I hesitated’, ‘I stood in the glare’ signify the poet’s inability to decide what to do with the body of the pregnant doe.
  • There, they encounter the dead doe who, although recently killed was already stiffening.

Bradford inspires the readers to think carefully about what they would do in a difficult situation similar to this one. I think the poem is not about whether or not the aquarium in bournemouth narrator’s final decision is the right or better one. I think it is about the narrator being forced to choose between life and death. The narrator could choose to attempt to save the fawn, or he can roll the dear into the canyon subsequently killing the fawn but potentialy saving others.

Traveling Through The Dark By William Stafford: Summary And Analysis

Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism. Concerning this, William Stafford’s poem called Travelling through the Dark metaphorical discloses the importance of taking actions rather than observing, which is especially vital in unexpected situations. Otherwise, ignorance and failure to make an immediate decision can be fraught with severe consequences and, therefore, acting correctly and following moral and ethical implications is a duty of each in the world. The poem is written in the first person, giving an immediacy and directness to the experience; the reader is there with the poet, though he tells the story in the past tense.

Stanza Four

Traveling Through The Dark is an 18 line poem, 5 stanzas, 4 of which are quatrains with a couplet at the end. There is no full rhyme, no rhyme scheme in fact and the meter varies somewhat, with iambic pentameter popping up here and there, in lines 7, 10 and 14. William Stafford based his poem on an actual incident which he was involved in on the road in Oregon state one time. He used this experience to try and work out in the poem just exactly what his role should be. Andrew has a keen interest in all aspects of poetry and writes extensively on the subject. The speaker doesn’t imbue the lines with a great deal of emotion or passion.

The way that the man had already traveled is a symbol of his past. The man cannot see anything because of the darkness, and he literally is unable to see the road. Thus, this darkness symbolizes the undiscovered future.

The poem is based on a real incident in Stafford’s life. The poem represents the situation in which a man has to make the right decision. The content and the language of “Traveling through the Dark” are equally important. William Stafford uses language, imagery, and metaphor to demonstrate considerable context and value of the poem.

He might as well introduced the desire of rebirth of the baby by pushing it into the river. Furthermore, river is symbol of mother since life in the Earth began from water. Poet kept doe into river, into mother’s lap’ that is the water. In this manner Collective Unconscious of Jung explodes. The speaker is forced to make a morally tough decision.

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