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Our canned dog foods come in six varieties containing different meat proteins, which facilitate ease of important diet variation and rotation. Our Epigen™ line contains 95+% meat content, and is a canned diet that closely emulates the natural feline diet. Epigen™ canned cat diets come in six varieties, each with a different protein source. The Epigen™ canned cat foods facilitate ease of diet rotation and variation as suggested by Wysong.

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  • It’s well worth the short trip off I-10 and up Highway 80.
  • In contrast, Wysong dry cat foods far exceed minimum protein and fat values for cats, and all contain significant meat content.
  • Because drinking and driving is a terrible idea, and it’s also a terrible idea to miss Public Services.
  • Best Stop has that same appeal for hardcore carnivores.

Much like with dry dog foods in general, canned dog food quality varies domaine dambrun tarif significantly, and may contain unhealthful ingredients that are more conducive to profit than health. Wysong has leveraged the canning manufacturing process to create almost entirely meat diets that are truly suitable for dogs. Our 95+% meat Epigen™ canned dog foods represent the highest form of canned diet available. Like our dry Epigen™ diets, our canned dog foods are Starch Free™ with maximum possible meat content. Wysong canned dog foods can be fed as a standalone meal, or as an adjunct to Wysong dry and raw dog foods.

Junction: Lum’s Bar

We are not the typical pet food company consisting of marketers that outsource manufacturing and expertise. Voted year after year as the best restaurant outside Loop 410, the Grill at Leon Springs is a long-time favorite of Express-News readers. The menu offers a great selection including steaks, thin crust brick oven pizzas, pastas and well-prepared seafood specials that have a spirit of French cuisine at very reasonable prices. Wysong pet products have been fed to tens of thousands of pets through multiple generations for almost forty years with remarkable health benefits. Our healthy dog and cat food products have helped thousands of pet owners provide the healthy food their dogs, cats or other pets need. So many chicken-fried steaks, so little room in the stomach.

Food may be the best excuse to take a break on a road trip, and I-10 has quite a few incredible options. To get away from the bore of fast food joint after fast food joint, we put together a list of 10 downright delicious and historical spots to stop on your road trip. It’s often touted as one of the most boring interstates, having to cut through the massive state of Texas where the road seems to never end. If you only stopped for gas, this trip would take you nearly 48 hours. If that’s your plan, you better have a massive amount of snacks on deck and be prepared for some tension within your travel party. The chances of a car full of people being in good spirits with one another after two days in a cramped car is slim to none.

Restaurants At Exit 50 On I

Unfortunately, dry cat foods are by-and-large not reflective of the natural carnivorous feline diet. Instead of high protein, meat-based diets, dry cat foods are predominantly starch ingredients . In contrast, Wysong dry cat foods far exceed minimum protein and fat values for cats, and all contain significant meat content. Additionally, all of our dry cat foods receive Wysong’s industry-leading micronutrient spectrum to help ensure optimal health. We offer many dry cat foods with varying protein sources and nutritional characteristics. Whichever diet you choose, Wysong dry cat foods serve as an ideal foundation to a healthful diet.

It still serves classic cuisine, such as Bouillabaisse Marseillaise, Grenadine of Beef and Turkey á la King. The executive chef grew up at the restaurant, therefore he tries to keep the old Hollywood tradition and magic alive. You see, while I-10 has desolate stretches of highway, it also is marked with several cities with rich history. This Information may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without express written permission of the copyright owner, Wysong.

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Just outside of Las Cruces is a teeny little town called Mesilla. It’s only 6.7 square miles, but it offers a Mexican restaurant worth stopping by. La Posta de Mesilla is located on the Butterfield Stagecoach line where it used to be the Corn Exchange Hotel in the 1870’s. It offers Mexican fare like flautas and enchiladas as well as New Mexico’s famed green chile sauce. You can’t go through New Mexico without trying the green chile sauce. Of course, where there is history, there is bound to be food.

Musso & Frank Grill

Established in 1909, this pier has been a Santa Monica steadfast for over 100 years. For food, there are several places to choose from from chain restaurants to an old-school soda joint. We recommend stopping at a food cart to get the real pier experience. Don’t eat too much though, because you’re going to want to ride the ferris wheel and rollercoaster.